People Group Spain EN

Living in a foreign country is a pleasure that can sometimes present us with headaches, that is why at People Group Spain we want to offer you our services to help you with these problems and give you peace of mind. customers' lives and vacations as easy as possible. By offering our administration and interpretation services, we can be sure that you won't have to worry about a thing.
Town hall
We know that one of the concerns of the people who come to live in Spain is the amount of bureaucratic procedures and the amount of documents that must be completed at the City Hall. We are experienced in handling all of these issues, which means we can ease the burden on you.
In case you need assistance for the contracting of electricity and water supply, telephone lines, etc. or if you have any questions about your contract or invoices, you can count on us. We are experienced in treating all of these issues and we will always be available to help.
Hospital / Clinic
If you need to go to the hospital or see a doctor and you are worried about not being able to make yourself understood, worry no more, we will be happy to accompany you whenever you need us.
Security alarms
Squatting has become a serious problem in Spain and therefore it is highly recommended to equip your property with a security alarm. We work with the major alarm companies and we will be happy to organize the installation for you.
We can handle all types of home, family, funeral and vehicle insurance.
We work with the best professionals in our environment and, above all, we trust them and the work they do. That is why we will put at your disposal, in case you need them, plumbers, gardeners, builders, electricians, cleaners, etc.